Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is this thick enough?

8 layers of 5.6 oz "S" glass ends up being roughly 1/16" thick. Hmmm...I'd like it to be about twice as thick just for peace of mind but just 8 layers feels awfully tough.

I can bend this sample about 1/4" with my bare hands; certainly couldn't fold it without a vice and some pliers. But is it enough?

Addendum A user going by the handle 'monkey' frequents the forums who does a lot of this stuff professionally. His current race tank build up process just uses 3 layers of 200g Carbon, and thinks this is more than enough, even 'gnarly':


  1. ant,

    8 layers is a lot of woven glass. I think it's plenty.

    have you ever seen that random 'chopped' glass that comes in mats? I think
    the boat people use it a lot. it's like a thick mat and the chopped fibers
    are about 2" long all in every direstion (good for shear). the mat is about
    0.10 thick. I'm sure 8 layers will be fine - not bullet proof but will hold
    gasoline. Yopu probably wouldn't like it if it is to withstand a really good
    poke (like in a crash from a 1959 pontiac...)

    tank plug looks great!


  2. No plans on 1959 pontiacs getting in my way, although Toyota Prius drivers currently own the worst driving reputation in these smug bay area parts. I think given their lightweight construction, my bike will bounce off of them rather than getting squished.

    Thanks for the structural review!