Saturday, May 23, 2009

plumbing fuel tank, revisit

OK, finally got the moto specific fuel line from J&P. It's much more flexible than the automotive kind while still having some substance. With the elbow filter, and a Tee connection, I'm able to get both sides of the tank connected to the carb without any kinking. It's draped across the rubber carb/intake manifold adapter there so hopefully not too hot! 8 hoseclamps later:

By the way, is my filter oriented with the flow of fuel correctly? I couldn't find any indicator arrows on the body of the filter saying which direction the flow went. This is a screen type filter so not sure it matters as long as you don't switch after in use


  1. witch the orientation of the filter. The way you install those is so that you can see any crap that enters the filter through the sight bubble. It also affords more room for said crap to float freely outside the screen instead of jammed inside a small tunnel as would tend to happen the way it is currently oriented.

    I need to get myself one of those 90* ones.

    Yours looks like a mummy or a homemade robot with all those little clamps. I'm telling you, the clampless tubing I use is so snug on the hosebarbs that it is leakproof. You can't even get it off once it is on, you must have a razor and another piece of replacement tubing if you want it to come off. Great stuff, commonly available at most MC shops.

    So when is liftoff?

  2. Good point. I'll reposition the filter. I think you can mail order them for like $6 for K&N's on line store so not bad.

    I saw your earlier mention about the dirt bike specific fuel line after I had ordered the stuff I'm using right now...oh well. When I stop by Berkeley Honda/Yamaha to pick up sparkplugs and a battery, I'll see if they have fuel line.

    Liftoff: I duno but I like your use of a term more typically applied with NASA projects since mine has a similar delay pattern :)

    I predict you will know who Obama wants to replace Souter with on the supreme court, and Fox News will have had a good week's worth of time shitting their pants over the nomination before I throw an earnest kick start towards my bike :)

  3. sotomayor-
    t minus 7, 6....

  4. There's nothing like belt & braces, but Surely Shirley, if you've made yourself a new polyester tank you dont need a fuel filter? Only if you had a shity (old rusting steel) one (well my brand new ali tank had aluminium filings in it, so that too) or you lived in Cuba & the fuel was of dubious origin?

    BP Sideburn

  5. Belt & Braces that's me! You're right I could probably get away with not having a filter for a while but there's always a chance of dirt getting into the tank after it's done. the cap is a 3" inside dia aviation job.

    Plus I could very easily imagine bits of oatmeal cookie that I bought at the gas station crumbling out of my slobbering maw and into the tank while peering in.

    Surely Shirley...that's my new name...