Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tail Light Assy

Waiting for some better fuel plumbing gear to arrive in the mail, so here's a first attempt at a plate/light holder I did out of a two piece construction using fiberglass layups. Clearance is going to be pretty tight but this will hopefully work for now.


  1. The guy that builds everything out of fiberglass! Sometimes a little sheet metal fabricating or part scavenging is useful, but watching you build everything out of fiberglass is just downright entertaining!

    Really clean lines on the bike overall, I like the side shot. It's shaping up beautifully. I can't wait to see you start shaping some seat foam, that will make a big impact on the overall shape too. Plus it will give you something to sit on as you take your first spin, which you seem very close to doing.

    I got my idle issues worked out. I have a regular motorcycle that sits at stoplights and idles without needing restarting and mad amounts of choke and high idle!

  2. Come on, mailman! get your shit together so I can read about motorcycle customization!

    Did you get your fuel parts yet!? Huh?!

    This is Joel, being annoying.
    Didja? Huh?!

  3. heh heh - well i know, i know haven't posted. Mostly b/c I'm not sure how amusing it is to regale you (or the other four people following this) with my misadventures in searching thru parts boxes for brackets, and oil drain plugs and overtorquing M6 nuts and breaking them off on the countershaft -- twice!

    I'm basically going around the bike and fastening stuff down, getting 'er ready. I've also been researching the wiring stuff b/c I'll need to patch in the Tach tha I have somehow.

    Anyway, more on that later, bro.

  4. Regale me? REGALE? What is this strange word?

    I'm going crazy not knowing EXACTLY what your bike is up to. I check this page at least once every other day.

    The gist of your question was "how much is it worth to entertain such a small group, with only the small details I have been working on?" The answer: only how much you care about blogging is how much you care about entertaining us, otherwise you could just keep all this stuff inside a document offline on your computer. To answer in more detail, how detailed do you care to make the blog/entertainment source for said small group?

    Well, I am about completely out of money, so I can't perform any maintenance or upgrades to blog about, so I'm reduced to glossing over details of the bike as it is. Here are some Haikus about owning and riding an XL600/XR6000 thingamazombie motor sickle. Enjoy.

    six hundred ccs
    vibrate my handgrips
    thumping past the cops

    Oil drips from my head
    no, it is not anointed
    the cause: a stripped bolt

    P.S. How often do you check out my blog and wish I had written something like this over there? If it is once very other day, I will aim to please the audience.

  5. oh man, the haikus...Lemme guess, that one really long 8mm bold that goes down into the cylinder or some damned thing? I bet taht's stripped out on nearly every XL that hasn't been mashed to bits yet.

    hey: regale is one of my favorite words to wield.

    I let google tell me when one of the blogs I follow is updated. Careful, son, I'm watching you. Plus it helps teh chronic reload syndrome you might have experienced.

    Just in from the garage working on the seat foam while the fuel widgets from J&P make their way to my doorstep. Neoprene rubber will be a very naughty pony for me to have to tame I think.

    But most my time was spent just reorganizing the feng shui of the garage. Boxes were out of place. Tools were not proper.

  6. No fortunately that long little bolt is ok on this cylinder. It's just another little one that could be drilled, tapped, and heli-coiled as it is in place, just by taking off the tank. I've had enough of my share of such headaches to deserve that they now be smaller, easier-to-deal-with ones like this. The problem originated from using an ever-so-slightly too long one in that place, tightening it down, it leaked, i noticed the gap, and then put in the shorter one. Since then I haven't been able to tighten it all the way since it feels like it will strip if I do. It's a tiny teardrop of oil every hundred miles, it's ok.