Friday, May 29, 2009


Joel, I'm just posting this superfluous bodywork fab entry to irritate you!

I haven't been able to get a batt yet...It's an unusual battery, 12V, 3Amps. Prolly not getting one till Monday so I've got some time to do some more work that I hadn't intended on doing before gassing 'er up. SIDEPANELS!

I thought I'd just do something simple with a direct layup but it's so much easier to sand and wax a plug than fair out a final layup. So I did a quick foam plug for the left and right sides. Right side will extend outwards a bit more to accommodate the muffler.


  1. Hey, as long as you're doing something, I'm glad to see that. I only get irritated when I can't figure out technology, like how to get Blogger to e-mail me whenever you post, instead of checking back all the time.

    In other news, it's good weather finally in Oregon, it feels like California sometimes felt. Westcoast weather. I'm going back to NC by plane to visit soon too, so we'll see what I was/wasn't missing, and hit my old hangout spots. NC ADV'ers have even extended their spare motorcycles for me to ride when I asked.

    I also rode about 23 miles by bike last night with my couchsurfing guest. It was terrifyling crossing the columbia river bridge by bike, all the cars, trucks, 18 wheelers, and the speeding sportbike seemed so scary up close and in person at full volume. Once into Vancouver, on the way home we called 911 because a guy was passed out on the sidewalk in a pool of blood that was coming from his eye area. My guess was a drunken fight. The street was so deserted. Like, Vancouver Washington deserted.

    Oh, um, nice start on those side panels!

  2. I had to cross the Columbia towards teh end of the Seattle to Portland 1 day ride. Did it a couple years. Even with a whole clot of pasty-thighed recumbent riders that part of the ride was teh sketchiest. Careful crossing. Most important thing is to have a blinker and maybe some reflective tape around your ankles. That stuff is good insurance against the drunks.

    Rain can be tough in the Northwest. Hope you find some decent times back home. I'm sure it will ALL be very different. Maybe smaller, too.

    Good for you to radio help to the dude on the bridge. Every homeless person has a history for what got them there and many are mentally ill and need a little help once in a while!

  3. Blinker and reflective tape against the drunks? You mean you riders were all riding on the actual highway and not the sidewalk outside the bridge structure? Or did you ride the 205 bridge? I rode the I-5 which is one of those bridges with the big cage framework. On the outside of the big cage is a sidewalk area. The 205 has a multi-use sidewalk going up the middle.