Monday, May 11, 2009

plumbing fuel tank

OK, got back to some progress on the bike. Used the Caswell snot to seal the interior, hope it holds. Been off line because I've got a bit of a conundrum with fuel plumbing here, and it's probably, well, important to get it right to make sure I don't get a lap full of gasoline while straddling this home made beast.

Recall I've got petcocks on both sides of the tank here and I need to run an inline fuel filter. Clearance is going to be tough and my first parts sourcing for the application is a total failure. Here, you see a petcock and the filter attached to the carb. In between these two needs to be a "TEE" connector to receive the fuel line from the other side of the tank, joining this petcock to then lead to the filter:

I got the petcocks from Clarke Mfg (they make the big plastic tanks for motorbikes, primarily). They're pretty large and I did myself no good by attaching them so far aft on the tank. Anyway, the Automotive 1/4" fuel line is way too stiff for bending and the fuel filter I bought from J&P Cycles is too long.

I found some more flexible (tho reinforced) moto-specific fuel line in their catalog with some help from an actual human on their end. Plus a shorter fuel filter that should only take up about 1/2" of length, barbs aside. Hopefully that will work

I'll also need a better "Tee" connector for joining the two sides of the tank first before leading to the fuel filter and then the carb. I'm on the lookout for a sort of 3 dimentional Tee, I think: where the barbs are all oriented 90 degrees off of a central origin, each pointing along the X, Y, Z axes...That might help keep the fuel line from making such a tight bend.


  1. There exists a fuel line that has a tight ID and is made to work with this size hosebarb without clamping. Most motocross parts suppliers will have it. That's because they cater to a bunch of carbureted thumpers. A foot of that and a couple of the 90* versions of those filters plus a tee fitting should get it done for you. Check your PMs on ADVrider for photos of hose routing I sent you.

  2. Hey Joel - thanks for the reference! Ya hopefully the line that I've got ordered will work out but if not i'll deal with the moto shop but that usually involves more pain than the UPS-guy-deliver-something-that-won't-fit-so-i-ahve-to-reorder-the-right-part scenario...

  3. I can make a euclidean 3-space fuel line "t" for almost NO money, delivered ON TIME. Interested?

  4. ahhh. I have something right now that seems to work without kinking, but the euclid version would I think fit better. we should talk about it