Friday, July 24, 2009

new seatpan mold, and assembly

Right, so I busted arse this week at work and staying up late trying to bang this seatpan out before leaving for a trip abroad (anyone reading this near Bilbao, Spain??).

However glue dries on its own clock, and given my propensity for being kind of slow at all this...well here we go:

First, The plug, prepped for the splash mold lay up. I hotgluegunned some cardboard flanges to define the edges; also to make a simple tail light and license plate structure.

That turned out okay

I did a layup into the splash mold. Used tinted resin, and here you see the ejected part. Typically rough finish for me, but I'll go with it. Some of the boogers will sand out but I got a few stupid air bubbles which left me fuming, but that insult is nowhere near the sad revelation that those cute little warts on the flanking area of the fender where I had planned to attach my turn signals are NOT going to work because I AM A SHIT HEAD and forgot to FEEL UNDERNEATH to OBSERVE THE FRAME RAIL directly on the interior side. Just one more trough in the daily sinusoidal plot. god fucking damn me. I'll just have to make some sort of wart 2cm aft of the present warts to mount the lights.

OK well moving on I did another layup like the initial seatpan, and then just nested teh top part right onto the drying epoxy layup. We'll see how this fails tomorrow morning.

Here's what the turn signals look like; you can see how the stalks mount up with wires threading through the interior:


  1. Can the turn signal attaching fasteners be countersunk with the heads on the frame side of the seat pan? Then you'd put nuts/washers on the outside to make sort of a stud setup for the lights... Amazing how fast this stuff comes flying out of your m-cycle factory!

  2. good point, pop. but the signals i use are on a threaded rod that has been hollowed out for the wiring to thread through...i should post a pic, it's not obvious how to articulate in words :)

  3. I posted the turn signal design above, so you can see how it has to drill through. alack...