Sunday, July 5, 2009

uncluttering some wiring ii

I last left if off at here

And took it to here:

Then tried to make some sense of the front by shoring up some of the slack, adding some sunimoto 0.110" pin connectors from "Eastern Beaver" moto wiring supply. Redoing pin connectors and crimping wire is a very absorbing process...hours pass without me knowing :)

Everything was going great (or as great as these things go since I spend half my time on my knees looking for some goddamned thing I just dropped on the floor with my fumbling digits). But then disaster struck somewhere along the way I fried my dear Tachometer. BITCH! At first I thought it was just the fuse because I tested it and indeed it looks like it gave way. But then I replaced it with another 500mA tube and goddammit, nothing. And no connectivity between the (+) and (-) pins in the connector leaves me to think it's something inside. I've read around about these SPAs and apparently there's an internal fuse that blows in them as well, but it looks like it needs a trip back to it's factory for that remedy.

That was the only big splurge I did on this project and it's toast. expletive, expletive, expletive...

Anyway after refactoring the wiring harness, everything else seems to work, so as long as I'm not too concerned with knowing absolute engine or air speed, things are fine.



  1. I found the mystery item in the photo: what do the fridge poetry magnets on your kickstand say?

  2. Did the Tach folks indicate a fuse size for the instrument power supply line? I presime they did but 0.5 amps is not a very big load for normal wire circuits. It is huge for micro circuits though. How is the tach grounded? Maybe there was a supply/ground reversal that took place in the wireing neatness campaign. This mystery has to be revealed before the rebuilt tach is put back into the same jeopardy.

    The revised harness arrangements on both ends of the bike look quite business like - a vast improvement.

  3. i'm still trying to get a hold of the tech support so will know more then. I could very easily have confused the main ground and supply wires from the tach to where they patch into the motorcycle's wiring harness...they are green and red after all. I bet if I did that with the ignition switched on, I'd have popped something pretty bad, eh?

    Funny thing: I've had to ask for Sarah's help a few times picking some of these wires apart; it's so hard to tell the brown from the green from the red from the gray...

  4. ok, so I see this post is very old, but where did you get your headlight mounts? They are excellent. Thanks

  5. hi gaige - these are one-offs that james banke over at bankeperformance machined for me. they're pretty simple; bet you could find someone local to do something pretty quickly.