Wednesday, July 1, 2009

from flyscreen to speedo skirt

worried that a flyscreen might evoke papal notions, I also realized that I'd be deviating from the flat-tracker roots a little much by shrouding the headlight/console/handlbar in roundy plastic bodywork. We all know deep down that fairings are not only hard to make, they are also decidedly not very macho.

I am now trying something just to protect the underside of the clever tachometer. Probably something that just outlines the perimeter of the console, black and just enough spare room to house a few odds and ends concerning wires.

I'm also leaning towards recycling an Illy coffee can. I've always liked their containers; the logo, the shiny aluminum. The coffee is pretty good, too, straight from Trieste, Italy in the crotch of the Adriatic on the cusp of Italy and Croatia. The metal's wall thickness is quite a bit heftier than your average 12oz aluminum beverage can so it ought to be able to work as a skin here if it had a little support riveted to the underside

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