Sunday, July 19, 2009

revising the aft section

Right so I didn't like the proximity of the license plate holder/light assy to the rear wheel and at one point I think the wheel touched the plate which is just not good. I'm gonna use the existing seatpan as a plug for a mold to create a new one.

Here's how the plug looks right now, a bit higher and stretching back a bit more. I actually find the more horizontal line to work a bit better; we'll see how the final part comes out. next up is to prep this piece for constructing a splash mold, so fine grit sand paper, wax, wax, wax, pva, boogie nights!

I don't have the best before/after pics so the after pic is a bit distorted via paralax, but hopefully this illustrates it well enough




  1. The new lines are fine. I agree, some improvement. This is looking like a mature effort now with the very detailed tuning of the shapes. It's what takes place after initial flight tests. You can always tell something has happened but not sure why 'cause that's for only those "in the know". Esoteric.

  2. thanks, I'll try to post an update tonight. a lot happening. the finish of the final piece didn't come out of the mold without some pock-marks but that's how things always end up in my factory...