Saturday, March 28, 2009

aft mounting bracket

The forward mounting brackets worked out okay so I reinforced them and sanded them down a bit. Now it is time to get the rear bracket sorted out.

I wanted to use the OEM rubber damper that fit the original tank to it's mounting post that we left intact here, so I'm going to fabricate a tab that attempts to use it. The layup here was as quick as possible: build up a cardboard form with some thickness at the bottom to accommodate the offset of the rubber. I'd then prep it and rest the tank on the glass/epoxy layup while it was still curing so that everything dried in place.

I folded up some newspaper to support the cardboard form right where it would make contact with the tank.

Here you see everything prepped and draped with paper to prevent drips from sticking to the bike. In the upper left you see a wooden block that the tank will rest on during the cure.

Here it now sits. We'll see how it looks tomorrow morning!

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