Saturday, March 14, 2009

intake intake intake

While all that was going on I was spending time on a new airbox assembly using a 6x3.5" K&N Pod filter attaching to a much smaller "plenum" than my original design. I did this because the older airbox I had fabbed was taking up too much room for the battery and the exhaust pipe.

Here's the profile, that glowing white thing is a polystyrene foam plug for the mold. I used some sticks to locate the angle of where the intake rubbers mate to the airbox because they have some protrusions which would make it difficult to orient the airbox plug once the final assembly is insatlled. (the rubber is resting atop the frame in this picture). This will be a male mold. I'll do the final layup around this foam piece and then pour a little acetone into the intake hole to melt away the foam like butter! It's known as the "lost foam" method:

Here's a view of how all the big pieces will be oriented, filter on left, batt on right. I'll fabricate another fiberglass assembly to house the battery and electricals once the airbox plenum is situated.

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