Monday, June 29, 2009

how about a flyscreen?

I should have a little shield between the headlight and the tachometer's body for a little bug protection at speed. Plus I need something that some of this ugly wire can hide behind. How about this shape?

The console is asymetrical by design; I'm not affraid to proliferate this to the bodywork. Kind of like it's giving you a sideways glance or a little knowing smirk?

P.S. fiberglass is not my only fabrication medium, but if it gets any more complex than this speedo sensor hanger, I would rather do it in something involving chemicals


  1. What is that crazy-ass expression on your face in the rearview mirror in the first photo?

    I'm a symmetry freak, and I say it should also be bigger.

  2. aha! that's the look you develop when you've huffed too much acetone and epoxy!

    bigger in which direction? up or side to side? This isn't so much for wind protection of the rider, mind you. I want to feel the wind swirling through the the MAN-FUR on my chest!

  3. I feel it should be a little bigger at the top, sort of proportional to the XL's original headlight shroud. Styling can be totally different, but I think the proportions should be the same.

    If you really spend some time drawing and thinkng about this panel, I think you could style it to distinctly match your side panels somehow.

  4. Ah I see...too big and it ends up looking like a pope hat tho.

  5. I like the bug deflector notion as presented. Wonder if you considered just a flat clear plexi panel. Or somethiong which doesn't conform directly to the headlamp - with so much curve. Maybe just a slight arc. There's nothing streamlined on the entire outside of this machine. (The smoothness is all inside where the hot gases ebb and flow....) Tinted 1/8" (or thicker) plexi is available and it's kinda tough. There are also other more forgiving plastic sheet materials that can also be hot formed. I like the idea though but maybe not streach too far for sleekness. This bike can have some unsymetry. Hot, fast machinery always has some weird angles and shiney, pokey-outtey things. As the Brits say, "Something must aways be sacrifuiced for speed." But if you're gonna do, do it. When there's just a little bit of an angle it might come off as installation error as though it were put on crooked.

  6. dad I like plexi, a lot, too. Heat forming some plastic to the basic shape would be kind of cool; I'll have to poke around to see what kind of tinted stuff exists out there. I'm sure there is plenty.