Sunday, June 14, 2009

rent 'dust to glory'

awesome documentary of baja 1000...I think this might have been one of the last years before Honda moved to the oversquare 450 mill. I see a lot of early 2000 XR650R's around here that are plated and man, I wish I had one before California made it impossible to license dirtbikes for road:


  1. I also saw that movie. Very good, agreed.

    *poke* *prod*

    Get back to work!

  2. we were camping this weekend, no time spent on bike. hopefully getting her ridable this week!

  3. love the section where the rider takes a detour off the side of a cliff & then follows the shore line for some head down speed.

    fuck that riding at night nonsense!


  4. yup, i bet that big thumper can really stretch it's legs out on the beach...riding at night on a moto off road at speed...pure insantity. it didnt seem like such a good idea even when i was young'un riding my XR350...I've done off road endurance races on mtn bicycles before, 24 hour relay sort of deals, and when you're tired and going fast, the last hting you need is an absence of sunlight...binning it becomes almost an eventuality at that point! at least pain is not so bad when sleep deprived...