Thursday, June 25, 2009

side panels fitted

OK, well while I was waiting for some electrical stuff to show up in the mail, continued work on the side panels. They were kind of a fuss but I like 'em well enough now that they're in place.

Here I'm making the splash molds from those plugs I did earlier

Then I did a quick layup of the parts that you see demolded here, you can see the boogers along the edges. I'm not too particular about this...sidepanels get scuffed up pretty well no matter what. I think I need to put a sticker or two on them. Probably a SIDEBURN logo :)

To mount them up, I made hollow "pegs" from a tubular layup around some foam. When the tube dried, I chopped the sections up and then glued to another fiberglass layup, placing some washers so that there would be something for the mounting bolts to interface with. On the touching side, I'll apply some bicycle inner tube rubber so that there's some vibration dampening

Here, I'm gluing up the pegs to the back of the panels

After the tacking glue set, I removed the panels and applied a bit more reinforcement. The black tips are a few layers of bicycle inner tube that were glued together and then onto the pegs using barge contact cement. It all cleans up well with a bit of hot Dremel action:

Here's how they are mounted up to the bike. I got some adhesive insulating stuff from Pegasus Auto Racing that I'll apply to the right side eventually.

P.S.I used an angle grinder to clean up neoprene of the saddle foam; it looks a bit smoother now on the edges. Peter lent me the angle grinder. It's a great tool, he has six of them because his father in law is insane and keeps giving him spares. I think I'll do well if I have one for each hand, Pete!


  1. Those are looking too damn good. What number are you going to be? I'm 5.

    I'd like an angle grinder! Let this Pete know, to it in a box with those parts you keep wagging on a stick.

    Yor garage is too big for just your projects. I'm reminded by the staircase leading to the loft in the background. Let me come live out of it.

  2. thanks, ya i'd been thinking about numbers...not sure i can pull it off what with my dorkiness already so high...but if i were to do it, I'd be 919xx.

    I know I have the spare parts all sitting in the corner still. just gotta knuckle it down and get er done. The garage is one of my next "projects" once the bike is street worthy: tearing out all that drywall and just cleaning the damn thing out...right now it's unhealthy just to breath in there!

  3. I think you need a pin up girl not numbers on those swish side panels

  4. worry not, i've got some ideas. hehehe

  5. His father in law is not insane, you need as many as you can get