Sunday, June 28, 2009

wiring tach part three

OK, well I powered up the tacho using the black ignition switch lead as advised by pop earlier. Worked fine. Then came splicing the sensor wire into the coil. I tried using the green/ground line first but no signal. Perhaps there was a signal but not the kind the tach needed? There are was a voltage setting that I had to use when calibrating the tach and in the manual it says to set it to the "hi" setting when going off the coil, so my guess is that they are expecting the pulse to come from wire to the CDI...and that was what it required! Thanks guys for sending some comments to help this thing along!

I love how the needle changes color:


  1. I thought I saw both a green wire and another color wire (black with stripe maybe?) both going to the CDI. Well I guess it was the OTHER wire going to the CDI that got it. I knew it would be one of them. Looks cool! I need to hook up to speakers to play it again so I can hear the sound of the engine.

    I practiced wheelies in the back alleys of the industrial district of SE Portland after too much coffee and a movie at the historic Hollywood Theater where I volunteer. Ahhh, cheap thrills!

  2. wheelie practice a go-go! I still haven't found the balance point for a true wheelie on a bicycle or a moto for that part. it's very useful for bicycles; you can't truly bunny hop until you figure out how to launch off the rear the first step insodoing properly is tofind out the balance point...alack what was playing at the theater?

    I think the green went immediately to the ground from the coil...only one wire (that black and yellow one in the schematic) goes to the CDI...anyway, it's all good. Now to figure out how to trim all this excess wire out of they's a total rat's nest.

    how's the job hunt treating you? I get this architectural preservation magazine and there's a cool article in there about a guy who restores/reproduces old fixtures for domestic applications in Portland. Place is called "Rejuvenation" and the guy's name is Jim Kelly. When I read it I thought: "now there's a place joel could be an asset for right away"

    later, adam